Sunday, June 16, 2019

British ADC's and Foot Artillery conversions

I wanted to try my hand at converting some figures to ADC's, not really needed on my gaming table but nice to place on board scurrying here and there with new orders. They also have subbed as command figures on more than one occasion.

My three new ADC's surrounding a previous conversion of a French officer intoWellington.

This figure started out life as a French officer from the Italeri French Command set, and was probably the most straight forward conversion.

This and the following were adapted from Scots Greys (Italeri)

I liked the energy of this completed figure with bicorne in hand.
 And here are a few more shots of the conversions.

My second stab at conversions is these Italeri British Horse artillery into Foot artillery.

The original set as shown on the Plastic Soldier review page.
There are no very satisfactory British Foot artillery sets, in my opinion, so I decided to tackle this conversion. As the Itlaeri set incorrectly had the horse artillery in tailed jackets, that made things a bit easier. And I always can use a few more tarleton helmeted heads in the parts box!
The new heads were extras from the HaT British infantry set. Besides this, it was mostly ridding them of their swords and the addition of belts, bread bags and canteens as well as a second end to the gun swab.
This isn't a bad set to work with - I find the figures a bit tall and lanky, but they fit in well enough with my previous conversion of the more stocky Hagen metal Portuguese into British gunners. The gun in these pictures is a Hagen gun, better than the serviceable but not so-detailed Italeri gun pictured above that comes with the horse artillery. I'm certain more of these conversions will eventually make it onto my table as need for more British artillery arises!

So here are the final conversions...

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