Friday, September 8, 2017

My Spanish Army

I think I'm finally done with the Spanish for a bit, having reached my goal to have enough figures to play the Tudela scenario I have waiting in the wings. A few of these units I've posted before, a whole lot more are new (or old), but half the joy of this hobby is putting everything on the table at once. So here are a few massed shots as well as all the units in detail. There is no real logic here - units are from across Spain and would not necessarily have fought together. Choices were more dictated by reference (especially bearskin embroideries on the Line!), doing a variety of uniforms to showcase the vast diversity among the Spanish at this point, and what miniatures were available.

The entire army, line infantry on left, light infantry in the centre and militia on the right

The Spanish line infantry were the regular troops, units established well prior to the Peninsular War

Fijo de Ceuta




Ordenes Militares

Ordenes Militares - I had to invent these bearskins in lieu of reference but I followed the usual pattern, piping colour with unit's coat of arms.

Walloon Royal Guard - these and the two following are units representing the foreign troops in Spanish employ.

Swiss (Reding)


Spanish Light Infantry - The first two of these are, as well, regular units. The Valencians were one of many light infantry regiments raised in 1808 or later.

Aragon (1st Regiment)


Cazedores de Valencia

Spanish Militia - represented here are both the regular militia (pre-1808) which were, for all intents and purposes, roughly the equivalent of the regular line in training (first two groups) as well as the masses of 1808 and later militia units, many of which arrived and disappeared from history's stage within a matter of months!

These fly the flag of Candas y Luanço and are uniformed in the official earlier militia colours, white with red piping and lapels.

Oviedo - Although still old school militia I've painted these in transitional uniforms but with the ubiquitous brown coat, common after 1808.

This grouping of three units are based on (from front to back) the Voluntarios of Victoria, Girona and Jaen and represent those militias raised in1808 and later.

Almanza Dragoons

Pavia Dragoons

Artillery and limbers




  1. Hi Bill,i just popped over from Benno`s Figure Forum,my second home i think. Anyway congratulations on painting and producing a fine Spanish army of display.
    A very fine posting there,and here too by the way.
    Greetings from the evergreen gardens of FIDDLEWOOD, Norwich United Kingdom. BEANO BOY

    1. Thanks, Beano. I tune in daily to Benno's and always enjoy yours and everyone else's work!

  2. Thanks, all. These have been a lot of fun to paint. I sort of neglected my French army once I got into this but now its time to turn my attention back to them - and then the British and Portuguese!

  3. Original and so impressive! Great work.

  4. Great stuff, and fine inspiration as I am painting my first 4 Spanish Line Infantry units right now!