Saturday, June 24, 2017

Vistula Legion Lancers

Having written a scenario for the battle at Tudela, Spain, my summer project is to pull together the units I still need in order to field the two sides. One of those will be the Vistula Legion Lancers, Poles who fought with distinction in Spain and elsewhere with Napoleon's forces.

This set is the Zvezda Lifeguard Polish Uhlans set with a bit of the lace carved off the czapkas to make them more in keeping with the reference I was able to find for the lancers in Spain (which made them a bit lumpy in the close ups but they look fine from any reasonable distance!) By rights the horses' shabraques should probably have been sheepskin but I didn't have the energy or talent to convert all of the cloth coverings that the set comes with and was able to scrounge one or two references to justify them with the cloth shabraque.

Next up, Vistula Legion infantry.


  1. Simply awesome, well done.

  2. Fantastic Painting Style,and Landscaping and the scratch building is Super Cool. BB

  3. Really wonderfull painted Polish cavalry Bill!