Earlier After Action Reports Posted on Flickr

Here are links to some of the other After Action Reports for games our group have played through. All of these scenarios can be found at the BattlefrontWWII site. These are best viewed by clicking the slideshow button in the upper right and then, when the slideshow loads, on the pause button in the lower left. Advance picture by picture using the "Next" button at top, clicking anywhere on each screen to get the commentary.
Important: Click on the name, not the picture (picture link does not work.)

A Walk in the Park - Phase 1

A Walk in the Park - Phase 2  

Bishenpur (Sort of)

Kakazu Ridge, Okinawa

Butgenbach and Tremoli

Manarch and Rots



Bloody Buron

Pulling on the Pin - Roer River Crossing


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