Saturday, April 5, 2014

20mm Zone Dingo and Humber Scout Cars

I don't generally review models on this blog as I lack the expertise and painting skills to really do a good job. But I'm a huge armoured car fan and was thrilled to receive these two new releases from 20mm Zone's rapidly expanding list, thinking it was worth sharing for others who are tempted to buy them.

Both are hard to find models at a very reasonable price, so 20mm zone has done wargamers a real favour by making these available. They were both pretty ubiquitous in a variety of recce roles throughout the war and are a useful addition to any gamer's army.

These were my first foray into metal vehicles, and I was pleased with the degree of detailing and extras included with these kits. Also some simple instructions, which so often are lacking with metal kits! They were quick to build and went together easily, with little flash on any of the pieces. And most satisfactorily, the Dingos were a a great match for my Matchbox (I believe now re-released by Revell, although I have yet to have seen them) Dingo released in the 70's along with (less usefully) Monty's caravan.

My only critique would be the quality of the crew members which I replaced, (with the exception of the seated Dingo figures, who aren't particularly visible) with figures from my spares box.

As I live in Canada I was a bit hesitant in ordering from the UK, but the package came within a week, postage was minimal and EWM kindly included a free package of stowage, which made me very happy as I love stowage on my vehicles!

Here are a few pics:

Here are the Dingos which come in a package of two (I believe there are six variations available). The one on the left has the original crew. Stowage was moulded right on the model, the aerials were added by me.

For comparison, here is my Matchbox model.

And these were the Humber scout cars, also packaged as a pair and  built as provided other than the crew members (HaT) and the roll of wire on the left model. Stowage are bits from the free pack EWM threw in.


  1. Nice work there Bill, time to set up another Game - Maleme perhaps?

  2. Thanks, Al.
    Yes, always time for another game!! I'm tempted to revisit some of my old favourites, especially Maleme which was my first crack at scenario writing. But I think I have a scaled down version of RMD's "Soldier's Day" scenario to do first.